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Over 13M full and part time employees report recent illegal drug use
Screening applicants is time consuming. Let us assist you with your check list when preparing for new hires to join  your team. COSI can be your one-stop resource for not only drug and alcohol testing but for employment screening, background check and for pre-employment physical exams.
We offer in house pre-employment Physical Exams for both general businesses as well as DOT - Department of Transportation. These include Fit for Duty physicals, auditory and visual testing as well as immunizations.

Would you like to improve the speed and quality of your employee placement process? Call us today to learn how COSI can help 800-948-0294.
COSI representatives are reliable, friendly and always available when needed.  

Due to the quality of their service and the knowledge of their employees, I highly recommend them.

Deputy County Administrator

Background Checks available!!